5 Best PC Games of All Times

Over the past decade, PC games have become very common among us. Currently there are very many games which have been produced by game developing companies. Most of these games have been developed in a way that they are compatible to Windows and thus they can be used with a PC. Thousands of games are available in the apps’ stores and markets. Selecting a game, downloading, and installing it is based on the specific interest of a person or the features of a particular game. This has made some games to become the best while others are just scrolled over in the apps’ stores. Here includes the 5 best PC games of all times;

1. Half-Life 2

5 Best PC Games of All Times

This is a first-person shooter video game which resembles the 1998’s sequel half life. It was developed and released by 2004 by the Valve Corporation alongside Valve’s Steam software. The game attracted many people to download and install it in their PCs. It was rated as the PC game of the year in 2004. Its most interesting feature is the link between human being (player) with the alien infested earth. At the same time, the game acted to show the physical effects of alien introduction into the environment where the aliens were seen as enemies of the human and natural resources. The game has been updated regularly with over 12 million copies sold by 2011. The game has so far been rated at 9.2.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

5 Best PC Games of All Times

This is a video game which involves open world adventure. It was developed and released by Rockstar North. The main mission which players are involved in is to find 3 criminals and control their efforts to violate the government. The player acts under the government agency. The game is in the open San Andreas countryside. This game drew interest from many people and it made over a billion in its first week of release after a series of trials. It is rated at 7.8.

3. The Orange Box

5 Best PC Games of All Times

It is compatible with Windows therefore a PC game. It is also available for Xbox and PS 3. It was developed by Valve Corporation and released in 2007. As a compilation of several games, it has different episodes of 5 different games such as Half-life 2 in which the player of the games plays in different levels. Due to this compilation, the Orange Box became very common to many people. It was ranked among the best games of 2008 and it is rated at 9.3.

4. BioShock

5 Best PC Games of All Times

This game exposes the player to different and unique settings of the living environment. It encompasses the evolution and revolution characteristics such as science, art, and industrialization. With its exposure of the player to different bios, the game keeps the player curious to know the next destination such as the undersea city. It is rated at 8.5.

5. Portal 2

5 Best PC Games of All Times

It is a video game that was developed and released courtesy of Valve Corporation. A more refined version was released in 2010. It introduces the player to robots and fresh puzzle elements. At the same time, the game equals the GLaDOS and Wheatley usually found inside the Aperture Labs. The game has been notably popular among many young people and has earned itself a rating of 9.5.


Many games have been developed by different companies in the last decade. Their popularity, as a result of updates and eventual smart technology, has introduced competition to the above games. Nonetheless, the above games remain to be the 5 best PC games of all times.

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