5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

With the emergence of the numerous internet connected and multimedia devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, the world has changed in its technological approach. Additionally, after the production and refinement of services such as; android, iOS, and Windows, currently it is easy to develop, download, and install many music apps. As a result, several music apps have been notably rendered many people obsessed towards using them every now and then. The top 5 rated music apps people are obsessed with currently include;

a) Pandora – With Free Music and Internet Radio

5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

Many people have downloaded the newest update of this app. Through this app, one’s desire for listening to the songs of interest has been finally given a solution. The app has a personalized radio which one can use to listen to music channels. This app allows one to have a music player with which he/she can use to play the songs stored in the phone memory or the external storage. It also allows one to keep him/her self updated with the new favorite music. The app is on the Google Play and has been rated 4.5 with over 2.4 million votes since its development. Many people have become obsessed with the app and its features, especially its live music streaming using the free internet radio.

b) Spotify Music

5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

It is an android app on the Google Play for free download. The app is not large to occupy a big part of memory in a phone or a tablet. This makes it easy to download and install too. The app has been deemed as a world of music by itself because it allows one to access and listen to all the music types any time he/she wants. Its ability to reshuffle music or arrange them according to their artists’ names has made the app very popular and liked by many. Currently, the app is rated 4.0 with over 5 million votes.

c) iHeartRadio – With Free Music and Radio Stations

5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

It is an app that allows the user to listen the music and radio online. It was developed in 2008 and since then, it has become popular among many people in US and over the world. The app has over a thousand radio stations across the world. It also podcasts live music events where a user can be able to enjoy them using a phone or a tablet. The app has a library with over 20 million songs and also over 800 000 artists. It is compatible with Windows and Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play easily. Many people have grown fond of this app and thus it has earned a rating of 4.5 with over 1.5 million votes.

d) SoundCloud

5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

Many people in Germany and across the world have grown obsessed with SoundCloud App. It allows the user to listen to music and audio for free. The app also lets the innovative artwork creators to post their work on the app in order to get famous. This allows them to kick start their career by getting the world to know them. The app has over 2 million votes and is rated 4.0 on the Google Play.

e) Musixmatch Lyrics and Music Player

5 Top Rated Music Apps People Are Obsessed With

Among the most famous music app in the recent days is the Musixmatch. With this app, one can be able to listen to songs while downloading its lyrics from the internet simultaneously. The app is not very large to occupy large space in the phone or tablet. It is rated 4.5 in the Google Play.


The above top 5 rated music apps people are obsessed with have connected people with the music world. They have also enabled people to maintain their interest for songs. Thus, many people have grown fond of using them regularly.

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