6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

Indoor games are very important to keep the youth preoccupied. From the indoor games, youths can benefit in ways such as learning skills and knowledge, having fun, developing social skills, developing talents, and also by exercising their bodies physically. There are many times of indoor games for the youths. However, the youths are only interested in a few indoor games which are popular to them or which they love to play. Here is a list of 6 most popular indoor games youths love to play;

a) Stop Dance Game

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

Many youths like dancing. Whether in a party or in a simple gathering, youths like to incorporate the activities which they are doing with dancing games. This makes them more interested as try to catch up with the latest styles of dance as well as latest music. Mostly, youths like the stop dance games which have styles conversant to everyone. In case there is a new style, all of them usually try to learn from the person who knows it.

b) Pool Table

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

This is the arguably most popular indoor game among very many youths. Pool table is a game that many youths enjoy playing and they can spend a long time while playing it. Most of them usually try to perfect their shooting skills so that they can enjoy winning game sets against their friends. Some of the youths even prefer pool table for gambling activities.

c) Table Tennis

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

This is also a very popular game among the youths. Many youths, especially who are in an institution such as; learning institution or any training institution, are very fond of playing table tennis. As they play, they always want to show their counterparts how they are skillful and how they can take long before they are beaten. This usually makes the youth have moments of fun.

d) Hula Hoop

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

In the past this game was common among young girls. However, with the realization of the benefits that are associated with this game, many people including the youths have developed interest to this game. With a hoop twirled around the waist and swung for as many times as possible, it is highly possible to reduce the amount of fat in the body. The mode of playing this game is very interesting and thus it has become popular among youths.

e) Bubble Hockey

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to Play

This game is more common in US. It can be played indoors or even outdoors in the hockey pitch. While indoors, it requires 2 players each side against each other. Once a team scores a set of goals or scores, another team joins to face the winners. This game is popular for team building and socialization.

f) Darts

6 Most Popular Indoor Games Youth Love to PlayThis game is very interesting among youths especially in the perfection of the shooting skills. Youths compete while shooting and earning different points depending on how sharp one is. This game is interesting to play during free time.


Young people have more games to play than the adults or children. Although most young people love outdoor games, there are very many indoor games that the youth can find interest and fun in. Therefore, the youths should go ahead and explore these indoor games. In turn, they will have fun, gain skills and knowledge, and even probably discover their talents.

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