Why Are Nura Headphones Best For The Listeners?

Many people have been having several problems with their ears after using headphones. This is because; many headphones are not modified in such a way that, they can balance the sound requirements and capacity of any individuals’ ears. As a result, many ear conditions have been common with the current emergence of devices that have audio enhancements.

However, the introduction of Nura Headphones has been noted to be a solution to the ears’ problems. Nura Headphones are made with regard to the sound capacity of the ears of a listener. At the same time, the headphones can be adjusted depending on the type of device used or the sound that one’s ears are capacitated to hear. So far, these headphones have been rated as the best headphones in the market that sounds listeners should use. Now, why are Nura Headphones best for the listeners? Here are includes a few reasons;

a) The Earbuds Technology

Why Are Nura Headphones Best For The Listeners


The earbuds are fitted on the part that is fitted to the ears. They work together with the Nura Headphones app in order to detect the sound changes. They do this by conducting a perfect hearing test. This test is followed by different sound frequencies where the buds detect the response of the year after certain sound with different frequencies. This detects the capacity of the ear and sets the right measure of sound frequency that your ear should be exposed to. Therefore, the Nura Headphones will not expose your ears to sounds that are harmful or excessive.

This technology was embraced by the Melbourne based company, Nura after several innovations on how to make ears-friendly headphones. The manufacturers took in place the normal causes of ears problems as a result of headphones noises. Thus, they found out that different sound frequencies are highly likely to cause ear problems. With an app and a device to control the sound frequencies and set the right frequencies for your ears, you will be protected from any damage. That is what the Nura Headphones are made of.

b) Microphone Detector

Why Are Nura Headphones Best For The Listeners

The Nura Headphones have a microphone which is very useful in detecting the sound that went into the year. The microphone also notes the faint sound that comes out of the year as a result. Usually, this faint sound is the one responsible for harming the ear. By detecting the response of the ear, Nura Headphones usually keep a listener safe from excessive sound that can harm the ear. With a technology such as this, it is possible for you to listen to music or any other sounds for as long as want to without any fear about the condition of your ears.

c) Special Bass Setting

Using the Nura Headphones, the amount of bass that is exposed to your ears is according to the detected capacity of the ear. This is as a result of the response from the ear. If the ear responds with a discomfort, the amount of bass is reduced and vice versa.


Nura Headphones are a perfect match for every listener. The headphones are manufactured with an ear-caring technology that enhances sustainability in the dimensions of hearing the sound clearly and maintaining the good health of the ears. Through these headphones, one can be sure of fewer chances of ear defects even after using headphones for a long time.

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