Which Are The Top 3 Most Powerful Telescopes In The World?

By the year 2009, the world recorded had over 17 telescopes fitted in the 5 continents of the world. These telescopes have been enabling the world to undertake the astronomies’ functions easily. The year 2009 was marked as the International Year of Astronomy. The telescopes were used together to observe the 3 super-massive black holes which lie at the galaxy heart.

These telescopes have a large bearing to the space, sun, and the earth. They were made with a refinement of the features and the technology used to make the earlier telescopes previously. Among these telescopes, some are powerful more than others, and normally so a telescope for watching comets is more powerful that a telescope to see the moon or objects that are moving at a lesser pace. So, which are the top 3 most powerful telescopes in the world? Here is the list;

a) Spitzer Space Telescope

Which Are The Top 3 Most Powerful Telescopes In The World

This telescope was launched in the year 2003. It is not located in an exact area but it follows the earth as it revolves around the sun throughout the year. It travels at almost the same speed as the earth. The telescope is positioned between the sun and the earth at a distance of 0.1 AU (astronomical unit which is about 92 956 000 miles from both sides). Therefore, this machine cannot be exposed to atmospheric distortion neither can it collide with the earth or the moon. It images the visible light and its frequency. At the same time, it detects changes in the space, for example, “hot Jupiters” which was its first action.

b) Large Binocular Telescope

Which Are The Top 3 Most Powerful Telescopes In The World

This telescope belongs to 3 countries including; Japan, Germany, and US. It is located in Mt. Graham of the southeastern Arizona. It has 2 lenses each of the them with a 14 ft diameter. Both lenses work together to produce an effect that would be produced by a single mirror of 11.8 metre diameter. The telescope is placed at the top of the Graham Mountain where it has a large and a free view of the space and entire earth.

c) The Kepler Mission Telescope

Which Are The Top 3 Most Powerful Telescopes In The World

It was launched in 2009. It revolves around the sun while following the earth. It is located at a distance of 0.5AU of the earth. The telescope does not follow the earth’s orbit; therefore, it is free from the gravitational force. At the same time, its location enables it to have an extended view of the space. It was launched to look for Earth-like worlds. The telescope does that in that, when it comes across an earth-like planet, the planet will darkens it temporarily. If the amount of “darkening” is as per the estimated amount which is deemed as enough by scientists, then the planet is an Earth-sized world. When this telescope will have come across such a planet, it will have achieved the goal of these scientists. The telescope is owned by the NASA organization.


Human beings have been constantly evolving and at a faster rate in brain and knowledge nowadays. This evolution has drastically changed the world especially with the emergence of mass technology in the last 3 to 4 decades. On the field of science, the scientists, and in particular the astronomers, have gone further beyond the previous lines to explore the world and the space more. This has led to the development and advancement of machines and other technologies such as telescopes in order to enhance more and more exploration of the space and the outer world.

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